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SMS Features

SMS Features

  • Send, Read, Delete Messages
  • Easy to Code
  • Flexible configuration
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FTP Features

FTP Lib.

  • Upload/Download Files
  • Delete files
  • Create Directories
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URL to Image

URL to Image

Just 4 lines of code to get an image from any url!

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SMTP Features

SMTP Library

  • Multiple Attachments
  • Embeded Images
  • Compliant to RFC 5322
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RSS Features

RSS Library

  • Compatible with RSS 2.0
  • Files Up to 250KB
  • Easy to use
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Free Code

  • Access Automation: Not even documented by MS
  • Sub Classing... coming soon
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WOL Features

Wake On Lan

  • MAC Address Validation
  • Supports IPV4 & IPV6
  • Super Lightweight
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Free Code

Free Code

  • Control ToolTip Free
  • 817 magic number?
  • Free source code
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Our Libraries

Based on proven technological assets, leveraging an in-depth experience in dependable and innovative technologies, developed 100% in managed code, Our libraries are built from the ground up exclusively for MS Access. The products we provide are unique in the market; we’re committed to make the difference and help you build faster and better solutions.

Take Access to the next level!


Send text messages by simply specifying the destination mobile number, port and the text message.

You can send 160 character messages with default 7-bit character encoding (as per ETSI GSM 03.38), supports almost any device compatible with Hayes standard AT command set.

Bring e-mail capabilities to your MS Access applications with a few lines of code.

Flexible customization. Add multiple recipients to, cc, bcc, multiple attachments. Send bulk e-mails, connect through SSL connections and more.

The RSS is a great way to share news with any one, now you can get RSS from almos anywhere. Is possible to develop this kind of application with other tools but like most of the times with external libraries lacks documentation and is not built for MS Access.
Our AE-RSS library gives you an easy way to access any rss source with a couple lines of code.

This super light tool will give you the ability to Wake Up any pc within your LAN all you need to supply is the IP and MAC. With an extra line of code you can verify the workstation status to avoid sending a packet to the wrong PC.