Our Libraries

  SMS Engine

Send text messages by simply specifying the destination mobile number, port and the text message. You can send 160 character messages with default 7-bit character encoding (as per ETSI GSM 03.38), supports almost any device compatible with Hayes standard AT command set.


Bring e-mail capabilities to your MS Access applications with a few lines of code. Flexible customization, add multiple recipients to, cc, bcc, multiple attachments.
Send bulk e-mails, connect through SSL connections and more.


Our FTP Library provides file transfer functionality using the FTP protocol. It offers the standard set of features to easily handle file transfers.
The component takes advantage of the .Net technology which makes it possible to use it in numerous environments.


The RSS is a great way to share news with any one, now you can get RSS from almost anywhere. It's possible to develop this kind of application with other tools,
but like most of the times with external libraries lacks documentation and are not built for MS Access.


Access Automation: Not even documented by MS. What you will find here is foundation to let you start right away working on any of your automation projects stored inside a forgotten folder of your hdd due to lack of documentation. If you ever asked: How to automate MS Access? How to create a form, report, module, class with automation? How to create a wizard with automation?. This document will help you.

  Free Code

Houndred of lines of code 100% free. Unique working demos ready to use in your projects. More than how to do a given task, See how it works, how it's built, eventually you'll end up building your own even better!.