SMTP Library


A simple interface to send emails with no need to know about sockets, TCP/IP or the complexity of CDOSYS which is unsupported since MS Office 2k10 ( Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) 1.2.1 is not supported with Outlook 2010 and later versions ). Our library does what you can expect from an SMTP Libray, plus some other features that lets you to easily integrate the SMTP functionality in your projects.

  • HTML predefined format
  • Support for SSL.
  • Attachments
  • Multiple “To” Recipients.
  • Multiple “Cc” Recipients.
  • Multiple “Bcc” Recipients.
  • Message Priority.
  • Support for 1 or more embedded Images*.
  • Auto-Email address validation.
  • HTML Font-Size.
  • Easy to use.
*When a single image is added is considered as the company logo. Multiple images can be added as an html web page. To make this possible, the image path must be set as UNC path like “src=’c:\myimage.jpg’” or “src=’file:///c:/MyImage.jpg’” instead of URI. These are not not supported.